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The Adventurists have a new adventure for you

I’ve neglected The Adventurists badly over the past few months, but they haven’t been sitting on their laurels – they’ve launched yet another adventure, the 7th. Just as hare-brained as all the others, and guaranteed to be just as much frustration, fury and fun!

I am of course talking about the ASEAN (the Association of South East Asian Nations) Rickshaw Run – driving a completely inappropriate rickshaw 3,000 km from Jakarta to Bangkok.

The teams arrived on Thursday (14th October) and got straight down to test driving their 3-wheelers. They’re going to need all the practice and knowledge of these temperamental little beasts that they can get. Actually, I’m being unfair. In town they’re fine. But 3,000 kms across rugged terrain? Hmmm, that’s a whole different story!

The Adventurists ASEAN Rickshaw Run

"Ah, is that what a rickshaw looks like?"

But not different enough to deter 28 madcap teams who, after a splendid send-off last weekend with every dignitary under the sun there to witness and bless the spectacle, set their course for distant lands with the sure knowledge that there will be no escaping the dense Sumatran jungle and no short-cut away from steep mountain tracks. They should be at home, the Rickshaw that is, once they reach the city of Bangkok, but are any of the teams ready for the chaos of the traffic there? That will be a whole different type of jungle…

It looks like immense fun and there’s more information about this madcap folly on a previous article of mine,  just follow the link.


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