The Adventurists go from strength to strength

Oh my goodness…  it has been a while since I’ve written about the Adventurists and how their adventures have grown since I’ve taken my eyes off them. Not only grown in new and different directions, but grown in age too. Can you believe it, the Rickshaw Run is 10 years old ?! I can’t believe they’ve already reached their 10th anniversary but yes…. they have, and the 10th Rickshaw Run is upon us.  85 pimped up rickshaws are currently thundering across India – Follow the team’s exploits on the live dashboard.

But what about their other adventures? Do you know about the Monkey Run?

The pioneer edition of the Monkey Run was a rip-roaring success and the next two editions sold out in mere minutes. The January edition is now live, follow it here.

And here’s a little more:

And how about the Ngalawa Cup?

The Ngalawa Cup kicked off on New Year’s Eve. 17 brave sailors are tackling the Tanzanian coast in their tiny, traditional fishing vessels, racing 500km along the coast of Tanzania navigating between Indian Ocean islands in a traditional fishing boat.  Here’s a small insight into life on an Ngalawa:

Think you’d be up to it? Email and tell The Adventurists’ why you’re worthy.

These are adventures worthy of anyone interested in iconic extreme sports. Go on, give it a go…. Life’s far too short to delay 😀

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