The Adventurists’ Film Festival

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The Adventurists Film Festival, 9th April, 2011, The Royal Geographical Society, London.

Fighting to make films less boring

Submissions are open now for The Adventurists Film Festival; a showcase of the finest films of adventuring stupidity, plus talks, workshops
and self-filming mayhem galore.

Have you just pogoed to the North Pole clad only in tweed and a monocle, crossed the
Darien Gap on a unicycle or been the first person to paddle a coracle down the Indigirka River since 1821? If you have, and if you’ve made a film about your exploits, then The Adventurists Film Festival wants to hear from you.

There are no age, date or geographical restrictions for entrants. You could be 91 and have filmed yourself doing the tango down your village high street before abseiling off the church roof, or you could be a sprightly teenager who has made a film about driving their Robin Reliant across the Bering Straits. The Festival is after films that challenge the notion of adventure, make them laugh and hook them in with a scintillating storyline.

Films must be between three and twenty minutes long. Short-listed films will be shown
on the day and all runners up and winners will receive prizes.

The Festival, now in it’s second year, is run by UK-based company The Adventurists,
purveyors of a gaggle of international charity adventures including the Mongol Rally and Rickshaw Run.

All their events are about getting lost and stuck in the middle of nowhere with no back-up and no support, whilst raising buckets of cash for charity.

To submit your film, buy tickets or find out more about The Adventurists and the
Film Festival please see Submissions are open now!


… and so it’s over to you… allez-op.

There will be a teaser Trailer out shortly…


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