The 2011 Asian Beach Games began yesterday

Muscat, Oman is the host this year for the Asian Games, sanctioned by the Olympic Council of Asia, and it looks to be a sensational location (humeidr), although, technically speaking, the site is about an hour and a half drive away from Qurum, so it is a bit of a stretch to say the games are being held in Muscat – but that’s nit-picking, it still looks great:

This is  the second time these games have been held and the event started yesterday with a jaw-dropping firework display.

There are 14 sports in all being represented including triathlon, sailing, marathon swimming and jet ski. I like the look of the tent pegging event. All horses will be supplied from the Royal Stable, plus support staff and equipment, and riders drew for their 36 mounts (each) yesterday, the 8th.

Competition will be keen across all the sports.

The Games began yesterday and will finish on the 16th. 45 countries will be represented with an estimated 5,000 games participants. It will be a great spectator event.

Good luck to all and everyone.

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