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Summit on which there is a throne

The argument as to whether Mount Kosciusko should be included as one of the Seven Summits will go on forever. As we explained yesterday Kosciusko is the highest mountain on mainland Australia and it is for that reason that some include it as one of the Seven Summits. Perhaps the most noteworthy fact concerning Kosciusko is that when you get to the top you can sit on a throne??

It is not for us to start banging a drum about whether it should or should not be included as a Seven Summit- perhaps the easiest solution is to refer to Eight Summits! You make your own decision but either Puncak Jaya/Carstensz Pyramid or Kosciusko will be counted as one of the Seven Summits in terms of joining the very exclusive  7 Summits Club. What is for sure is that Kosciusko is a stroll in the park in comparison to Puncak Jaya/Carstensz Pyramid.

Mt Kosciuszko - Australia

Mount Kosciusko is 2,228 metres, 7,310 feet – a stroll in the park?

Mt Kosciusko is part of the Great Dividing Range which straddles the state boundaries of Victoria and New South Wales and then forms a chain stretching north all the way into tropical far-north Queensland. Mount Kosciusko is located half-way (280 miles/450km from each) between Sydney and Melbourne in Southeastern Australia.


Like many of Australia’s highest peaks, Mount Kosciuszko is not particularly difficult to climb. There is a road to Charlotte Pass from where it’s an 8-kilometre (5 mi) walk up a path to the summit. Anybody with a modest level of fitness should be able to walk it.

The peak may also be approached from Threbo, which is a shorter 6.5 kilometres (4 mi), and should take about 1 hour 45 minutes to reach the summit. It’s not a difficult walk and is supported by a chairlift all-year round.

When to climb

Hiking/climbing can be done year round, although you can expect snow (sometimes heavy) from June through October. And although it is not the toughest of ‘climbs’ this is an area of outstanding natural beauty with panoramic views over the national park. The red tape is minimal, you will have to pay a national park entrance fee of about $20.

If you are climbing in the winter you would be well advised to carry a pair of skis to assist your descent and remember to dress appropriately – in winter it can get very cold. And should you get taken short, fear not, for at Rawson’s Pass, at an altitude of 2,100 metres (6,900 ft) there has been installed a WC – now that would be a throne with a view!

Thanks to rocky2762 for his video below which shows what Kosciuszko is like in the winter.

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