re-sized Death Valley 2012

Get out your race diaries – it’s time to pencil in a new DEATH VALLEY date race


Registration opens today for the 2012 SPRING DEATH VALLEY EVENT.

Historically this event sells out very quickly as do hotel rooms and accommodation in the area. You really do need to jump around if you want to take part in this event next Spring.

The race is due to be run on the 3rd March and will follow the classic southern route past Badwater and over the passes to Shoshone and back. You have a choice as to which race you do: ride a century -100 miles; ultra century – 150 miles or the double century – 200 miles.

The organisers, AdventureCORPS, use the wave principle at the start of the race. Each wave will have 70 riders and they will begin at ten minute intervals. And if you want a quick idea of what the century is like, watch this:

If only it could pass that quickly! And some feedback from a rider:

Once the event is sold out, it is SOLD OUT. Do not drive out to Death Valley and expect to ride unless you are pre-registered! There is NO registration at the event. You may not ride unless you have pre-registered… you have been warned and triple warned!

I leave you with one last video well worth watching. It stops at 6:21:

So, if you want to do this, I suggest you follow the link immediately… If you think too long you will probably lose out.

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