So many extreme cycle races on the horizon…

Bike races everywhere and it’s our intention to draw your attention to some of the best ones – in our humble opinion anyway!

Yesterday we told you about the Cape Epic due to be run in March/April 2010. Another epic race also scheduled for April – 17th April to be exact – is the Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic. The organisers are AdventureCORPS of Furnace Creek 508 (A week of extreme cycle races… now it’s FURNACE CREEK 508)and Badwater Ultramarathon ( The Death Valley Badwater Ultra-Marathon) fame.

Mount Laguna is one of California’s best kept secrets of the outdoor world. The 6,000 ft peak is just 50 miles east of San Diego. It’s a magnificent and beautiful place.

The 2010 Mount Laguna Bicycle Classic is the newest AdventureCORPS cycling event. The race is 103 miles long with 3 different ascents of  Mount Laguna, San Diego’s highest point, totalling 9,890 ft total elevation gain.

The first ascent will be via Sunrise Highway from the north, the next via the fabled and car-free Kitchen Creek from the south-east, and the final ascent is by the little-known and truly epic Pine Creek drainage from the west. There are just three stop signs and NO traffic lights on this incredible route which starts and finishes in Pine Valley, CA! All 3 loops begin and end in or near Pine Valley, CA.

  • Loop One is a clockwise route from Pine Valley to Guatay, north on 79, around Lake Cuyamaca, and south on Sunrise Hwy over Mt. Laguna. (It does not quite return to Pine Valley.) Distance: 43.4 miles; Elevation Gain: 3770 feet.
  • Loop Two is a counter-clockwise route from Sunrise Hwy east on Old Hwy 80, north on Kitchen Creek (which is closed to cars for 3.7 miles in the middle), north on Sunrise Hwy to the Mt. Laguna summit, then south on Sunrise Hwy and back to Pine Valley. Distance: 33.6 miles; Elevation Gain: 3300 feet.
  • Loop Three is a clockwise route from Pine Valley, west on Old Hwy 80, then up the one-of-a-kind Pine Creek Road (as featured in the event logo) all the way to Sunrise Hwy, then south over Mt. Laguna and back to Pine Valley. Distance: 25.7 miles; Elevation Gain: 2820 feet (2000 feet of which is gained in the 10.2 miles on Pine Creek Road).

The time limit for the race is 12 hours.

The following video, with thanks to AdventureCORPS, as well as showing you a fabulous slideshow of photographs from the region, also gives you detailed route maps for you to study.

Keep your eyes open for these somnolent beasts on the highway:

The road signs didn't warn of snakes!

Please note that the Mount Laguna Classic has a 300 rider limit – once it is sold out is SOLD OUT. If you want to participate in this $79 race – sign up NOW with www.adventurecorps.com

AdventureCORPS’ events tend to sell out quickly so don’t think about this for too long if you’re interested in participating…

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