re-sized kitesurfing on snow

Snow and ice buggying with the new Peter Lynn design

This looks fun…

Dutch team riders for Peter Lynn, Arjen van der Tol and Jeroen Potters, show off the ice buggy’s paces on a frozen lake in Northern Holland. A strong wind made this the perfect outing for this extreme team despite the temperature – minus 5 degrees with a wind chill factor of -15. Top speeds of 86.3 km/h were achieved.

Arjen holds the world speed records for a kite buggy fin 2009 – 124 km/h and again in 2010 – 133.4 km/h. Both trials were held at Lake Ivanpah, US. Jeroen is an extreme kitebuggy designer and racer. He reached an impressive speed of 116.2 km/h at Lake Ivanpah in 2010, taking third place in the world speed trials.

Peter Lynn has come out with an innovative new concept for snow and ice buggying.  He has designed a buggy that has “multiple longitudinal elements, connected together so that they can slide lengthways relative to each other while remaining constrained vertically and laterally”. Basically, it’s two laterally flexible rails that steer by deforming them into arcs sort-of like an extreme version of the old “flexible flyer” sleds.  The advantage of this ability to ‘arc’ is that the skis bend into curves for steering and the stepped cross section generates side force in hard and soft snow without leaning.

These brilliant new buggys are called MECS:  Multiple Element Curving Skis.

“It’s the breakthrough we’ve sought for so long.. Turning is like being on rails- no sideslip, no slowing down- quite frighteningly fast,” says Peter Lynn.

We’re just entering Summer here in the northern Hemisphere, but roll-on Winter I say…

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