SMS’ from The Mongol Rally as Mongolia appears on the Horizon

1st August, 2010: “we’ve arrived at the most northern point of mainland europe, from here we actually head towards Mongolia” said Neil of Team Yorkshire Terriers clocking in from North Cape, Norway.

6th August, 2010: “entered border at 10ish. Left at 1. On road to moscow. Looking for place to stay…” Yorkshire Terriers again on entering the Russian Federation.

8th August, 2010: “lost in a field in Russia where the road has massive holes running from 1 side to the other making driving on it damn near impossible and now speaking to the locals who say Nicks leading us the wrong way and we need to turn” – team Catch Me If You Khan

10th August, 2010: “Been stuck at the border all day. It could be worse. They even have a duty free!” said Dan of team Mary Poppin’s Magic Carpet Bag… bet that bag got filled up!

10th August, 2010: “Finish Line” said the happy Eweland Baacar team.

Mary Poppins’ magic Carpet reached Ulaanbataar on the 11th, whereas poor old Road Warrior had this to say about the finish line: “10th Aug. Heading home :-) Thats me in Ullan Bator getting ready to head home. A wee bit gutted my wee car didn’t manage the last 400 miles. The rear suspension had bottomed out, springs looked like a pile of noodles and my petrol tank was damaged and leaking, sitting about an inch from the road which isn’t great when the roads are so bad. Also loud grinding noise from the rear of the car, not to mention all the other problems on-route :-) just thought it wasn’t worth the risk, as i am on my own…”

Other teams are still out there drawing ever closer to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and keeping in touch with sms’:

12th August, 2010: “bad roads and stuck 2h at rail crossing. 6h to do 180km :( :(” bemoaned team Biscuits and Orange Juice from the Province of Irkutsk in the Russian Federation.

13th August, 2010: “hours behind us. The boys have done amazing to catch up like they have. Kazakhstan is very hot, we stopped for a sleep not far after the border and woke up desperate to hit the road and find a shower,” Catch Us If You Khan getting closer to their goal.

13th August, 2010: Claire-Bear of Pandemonium said, “ran into a road block on a mountain pass yesterday, luckly some fine Georgian men got out & helped along with offering us some of their finest homemade cognac & rice wine. yum. welcome to georgia.”

Fun, rivalry, challenge, and bucketloads of adventure are being and have been had by one and all. Tragically there has been one fatal car accident with 2 people still in hospital. The warning on The Adventurists website is very clear: These adventures are genuinely dangerous things to do. The website is written in a light-hearted fashion but you cannot underestimate the risks involved in undertaking this kind of adventure. Your chance of dying can be very high, some past teams have been seriously injured. These adventures are not a glorified holiday. They are an adventure and so by their very nature extremely risky. You really are on your own.

Everyone knows that and understands the risks involved in an adventure like this one. It is always desperately sad when things go badly awry  – but the participants are grown-ups, sort-of. They know what they are doing and so adventures like this will continue…

Our deepest sympathy goes to the family involved.

The Adventurists use their mad crazy extreme adventures to raise money for charities in the country’s that they hold their adventures in. They have, to date, raised Pounds Sterling 384,265.00

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