ew-sized bungy Nepal

Since bungy jumping is topical at the moment, you should enjoy this

If it’s bungy (bungee) jumping you’re interested in, watch from 14mins to 29.07 mins, “it is hilarious!” So says Vinoth who kindly sent the link to me.

Actually, it is one of the best things I’ve watched on this extreme sport. It shows the gamut of emotions the jumper goes through – blank fear to out-of-this-world exhilaration… It also explains the waiver you have to sign! Vinoth is right – it has fine moments of hilarity.

It’s a great video. 4 friends doing the trip of a lifetime. It’s long, but …

A brilliant video, but the Bungy Jumping is THE best


And it just goes to show that with a bit of initiative the world is your oyster – get out there and live!!!

For more information on The Last Resort, follow this link to a previous article of ours.

feature photo courtesy of grahammclellan

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