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Time is running out and places are limited so if you wish to take part in mayhem, madness and adventure, you’d best take a few minutes to watch this video, make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for, and then click on The Adventurists link quick quick quick!

The Adventurists Peruvian Mototaxi Junket

You can sign up to take part later in the year, September, or for 2013, and this this video will either make people want to head straight to Peru, or they’ll hate it – there’s usually no middle ground.

The chosen form of transport is a three-wheeled mototaxi, a vehicle that is completely unsuitable for any distance over 10 miles and certainly not suitable for tackling mountains, mud and bad roads, but which, in this Junket across Peru, is going to be asked to complete 3,500 kms over the Andes mountains and through the Amazon jungle.

Imagine trying to coax your little 3-wheeler over passes so high your engine will choke from lack of oxygen. Imagine struggling through the Amazon rainforest on roads that occasionally disappear under six foot of water. Imagine wobbling along some of the most dangerous off-road tracks in the world. If your imagination pictures an adventure of stupendous scale, then this is the race for you!

Reading blogs from last year might whet your appetite even further. For example: Team Fat Albert came up against a good cop/bad cop routine: At 12900ft. Good cop gave us cocaine leafs to chew ‘for the altitude’… bad cop demanded a bribe for the impossible crime of “speeding in a mototaxi!”

Team No Tenemos Un Plan provides perhaps too much information – ‘On our way out of the jungle now but only made it as far as Tocache Nuevo today, stopped early after roads so bumpy I thought my ability to procreate may have been hampered.’

An update fromTeam Gunpoints was: Deep in bandito country, caked in dust, stopped at gunpoint, one fuel leak, two “protection” bribes and 3 beers later we’ve got half as far as we had hoped. Epic.”

Go the The Adventurists website…. and register now!

Spectacular roads on the Peruvian Mototaxi Junket

The Adventurists Peruvian Mototaxi Junket

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