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Sheep art claims 6 million hits

Now this is something different and perhaps it is not an extreme sport in the general sense that we all know and love. No skis, no bikes, no ropes, no water, no wind, no snow – the kind of elements we are used to seeing. Yes this is just one man and his dog – we proudly present extreme sheep herding.

Yes that has got your attention and it appears this very strange extreme variety of what is more often referred to as ‘One man and his dog’ has grabbed the attention of a much wider audience – some 6,000,000 people are reported to have watched this video kindly provided by the architects of the bold and ambitious scheme – none other than  BaaaStuds

This was the brain wave of some enterprising sheep farmers from Wales who found that they not only had a little spare time on their hands but also a large sense of humour. In the second video of the same event from skynews one of the shepherds admits that there has been a little imaginative editing of the video but in principle the idea was successfully put into practice.

An enterprising and amusing extreme that has certainly caught the imagination of the wider public at large.

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