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Sarah Outen is off again – or nearly

Part Two of Sarah’s epic journey is about to begin… if you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about then just print her name into my search area and tonnes of information will come, or just go via this link to the first of them all (actually I think that’s the second!), or alternatively you can go straight to Sarah’s site, whose link I will add at the bottom …

Anyway, Stage two, Part One: 4,300 nautical miles in Gulliver from Japan to Canada. She does nothing by halves! Although she is having a little difficulty leaving Japan, and here is the reason why, in her own words:

“The weather isn’t quite ready for Gulliver and I yet, so we are staying onshore a bit longer and hoping to leave next week. As I push out from shore I will have two goals – one is to get away from Japan as quickly and safely as possible and the other is to avoid squashing by container ships and fishing boats which run up and down this coast and in and out of various ports in Choshi.

The winds look to be doing useful things next week so at the moment we are thinking of a 24/25th departure. Watch this space. News as soon as we have it…”

Supplies for a Pacific row

Sarah Outen London2London via the world

“Gulliver is almost finished and ready to go. Exciting, eh?! The plan is to finish the packing, wrap up the To Do List on Saturday and then rest and sleep some more.” Imagine having to get your mind around packing enough food for seven months?! Her motto?  ‘If it has to fit, it will.’

The 4,300 nautical miles that Sarah is about to begin on is not the end of the adventure, only the beginning. She will then have a 3,000 mile bike and kayak stage across Canada to Nova Scotia, followed by a 2,500 nautical mile row across the North Atlantic, followed by a kayak and bike ride back to the UK landing point at Thames bridge, London. London 2 London via the world. Simple!

I do want you to hear about the charities that Sarah is supporting in this round the world epic adventure and I suggest you watch the following video:

If you would like to donate, you only have to follow the link to Sarah’ site … they are ALL worthy causes.


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