re-sized Sarah in Kazakhstan

Sarah Outen has crossed onto a second Continent

Sarah officially left Europe and entered Asia when she crossed the River Ural in West Kazakhstan after the longest pedal of the journey so far – 210 km through the Kazakh steppe and semi-desert.

Sarah Outen eating lunch in the shade in Kazakhstan

Birthday lunch in Kazakhstan

She arrived in Atyrau, “a rather dusty city which sits just North of the Caspian Sea in the South West of Kazakhstan” on the 26th, but having only intended to rest for 36 hours she extended this for a few days. “I always find it surprising how fatigue, both mental and physical, catches up with you when you stop and rest and you realize just how hard you have been working.”

She has had a thoroughly enjoyable trip through Russia and gives heartfelt thanks to everyone she has met along the way. “Huge thanks to everyone in Russia for their warm hospitality – those who escorted me in police cars or on bikes, hosted me in their hotels or their homes, showed me their cities, stopped to offer me food or drink at the roadside  or just tooted and waved to say hello. It was an extraordinary experience and I was really touched by it.”

The next stage of her journey is going to be the most challenging as it takes her from the border of Europe to Japan. “It’s time to hit the road again – I have itchy feet and don’t want to lose the rhythm of the ride. I also need to be in Almaty in three weeks to meet Justine, our team camerawoman, who will be flying out to join me on the bike with her camera, so we’ve some miles to munch…”

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