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Sarah Outen begins her epic London2London round the world expedition

She left London on 1st April in her kayak and on schedule, resting only when the tide was against her. 65 hours after leaving Tower Bridge, and after a pitch dark and scary crossing, she reached the shores of Calais. “Arrived on the beach in Calais 65hrs after leaving Tower Bridge. Stage 1 complete. Happy days,” said Sarah on Twitter.

Sarah Outen setting off on her London2London expedition where she will kayak, cycle and row around the world

Sarah Outen

This was the first leg of Sarah Outen’s London2London expedition that will take her around the globe by kayak, bicycle and rowing boat. She will cover 20,000 miles before paddling under Tower Bridge again.

Accompanied by Justine Curgenven – a kayaker and TV guru, they arrived in Dover on Sunday. Having heard that bad weather was predicted, they opted for an immediate night crossing to Calais – Dover to Calais is where the English Channel is at its most narrow, but of course this also means  it is where it is most busy, with huge ships steaming backwards and forwards at 15 knots + day and night. Rules do apply even out there. There are separation zones just like on a motorway, and leisure boats are only allowed to cross the ‘road’ at a 90 degree angle.

And into this inky nightmare went the 2 little kayaks.

But they did it. They successfully crossed the 21 nautical miles in 10 hours.

“Battled with sleep monsters, big seas, tide & cold to make it to France. Scary, starry, satisfying,” twittered Sarah.

She will now cycle across Europe to Russia and, as closely as possible, her round the world journey will follow this course:

  • London to France by kayak: 102 nautical miles
  • France to Russia by bike: 7,800 miles
  • Russia to Japan by bike and kayak: 1,100 miles
  • Japan to Canada by rowing boat: 4,300 nautical miles
  • Canada to Nova Scotia by bike and kayak: 3,000 miles
  • North Atlantic Ocean to UK by rowing boat: 2,500 nautical miles
  • UK landing point to Thames Bridge, London, by kayak and bike

It is anticipated that the expedition will take two and a half years… You can follow her on Twitter at SarahOuten. The following video highlights other aspects of this extremely complex and possibly hazardous endeavour:

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