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The 10 Year Sale
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You’ve got just one week more to sign up or pay a deposit to secure the discount.

Wasn’t there something you were meant to do? No, we’re not talking about giving blood or visiting a sick relative. We’re talking about something really important. Our first ever sale will end one week from now. You’ve got one more week to get £350 off the 2014 Ice Run, £250 off the 2014 Mototaxi Junket and £250 off the April and September 2014 Rickshaw Runs. Do you remember when you said you need to get some adventure in your life? That’s why you’ve got a knot in your virtual hankie, and this is the perfect way to get it un-knotted.

A Brief Guide to the Ice Run£350 off the 2014 Ice Run
£2,150 (was £2,500)
You remember the Ice Run; it’s just you, a vintage Russian sidecar motorcycle, and 1000 miles of inhospitable Siberian ice roads. For a reminder of just how much fun can be had in a crap old bike at -30 check out the video.
This is what Ice Run Pioneer Mark Baird had to say about the Russian bikes: “The Ural is both a thing to be loved & hated in equal measure. The only thing reliable about them is the frequency in which they break down.”
For a more in depth look at what the Ice Run entails check the  More Info section, or if you prefer you can just sign up here.

A brief guide to the Mototaxi Junket£250 off the 2014 Mototaxi Junket

£1,045 (was £1,295)
The Mototaxi Junket is something of an unsung hero in Adventurist circles, combining the might of the Amazon & Andes with a woefully inadequate motoring peril. is probably one of the best things you can do.
This is the video and this is what Mr Dan had to say about the mototaxi: “You do not drive a mototaxi. Neither do you ride a mototaxi. You wrestle it.”
If you want More Info you can find it by clicking the link, or if you want to just go for it you can sign up here.

£250 off the Rickshaw Run£250 off the April & September ’14 Rickshaw Runs

£1,145 (was £1,395)
Your life is incomplete until you’ve conquered the breadth of India in a three-wheeled tin can of joy; Gandhi said that and you’d have to be a right numpty to argue with Gandhi. This is what Nick Coverdale said about the September 2012 Rickshaw Run “It’s murder on your arse and elbows, but it’s great for the soul”
To get an idea what they’re talking about this here is thevideo, this is some More Info, and when you’ve done all that, this is where you sign up April or sign up September.

Bucket lists are rubbish. Stop writing lists and get on with it.

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