[Registration Alert] AdventureCORPS’ Spring Death Valley Century, Ultra Century and Double Century is nearly sold out

I would just like to draw your attention to the fact that the 26th February, 2011,  Spring Death Valley Century, Ultra Century, and Double Century is nearly sold out. Registration will probably close this week.

This race is STRICTLY restricted to 400 bike riders and there’s no sneaking in through the back door. If you want to do it and you haven’t yet signed up, then get over there IMMEDIATELY. Time is fast running out.


“Thanks for putting on a great event last weekend. It was nice to get out and meet some other cyclists in the area. Also, please pass along my sincere gratitude to the volunteers that were out on the course all day. They made the event much more enjoyable. Thanks again. I look forward to participating in future events.” – Keith Collins, a participant in the Spring 2010 event.

Death Valley National Park is a place of outstanding beauty. If you were thinking about doing a bike race on a nice flat surface then this is not the place for you – it is not flat… well, there are some flat bits, but the ride also has a lovely secession of rolling hills, ‘rollies’. Nothing much height-wise, but enough to keep those muscles taxed. And then of course there’s the steep rise at the south end of the park. Below is the elevation on the Century ride:

Death Valley is also one of the most minerally rich places on the planet which enhances the  staggering beauty of the  environment – every angle changes the light, and every time the light changes so do the colours. It is spectacularly beautiful at sunrise and sunset. If you’re riding the Double Century you will have ample opportunity to soak in the unbelievable colours – it’ll make those grueling miles worth every second of the effort. Plus you will get the opportunity to cycle through the moonlit night.

The route for the ultra-century (150 miles) and the double-century is that much more challenging, a small matter of an 8,800 ft elevation in total:

Anyway, back to the important issue here. If you want to do this and haven’t already signed up then click on their link above quickly. This is not hype. It is true. The places are running out FAST.


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