Red Bull Rampage – as extreme as ever

I can’t believe we let this event pass by without a comment, but the redbull teaser MUST be watched:

Utah was the perfect venue. Poised on the brutal sandstone ridges near Virgin, some of the world’s best freeriders  gathered at the world’s premier freeriding venue. Riders were free to choose their own route down – the more extreme, the more spectacular the better. There was, however, an established start gate and a finish line 1,500 vertical feet below.

Christian Pondella/Red Bull Photofiles

Christian Pondella/Red Bull Photofiles

Cameron Zink (USA) achieved an unheard of 360 degree drop throwing a rotation 30 feet out and 40 feet down onto a steep, unknown landing zone. This was undoubtably the ballsiest move of the day and earned him both the  top spot on the podium and the best tricks honours.

“Being the Red Bull Rampage champion is a dream,” Zink said after the event. “I won Crankworx twice and that’s something on its own, but this is one of the first real mountain biking contests ever. To win it is the most amazing thing in the world. In all honesty, I’d rather win Red Bull Rampage than any other event.”

Gee Atherton (England) and  Darren Berrecloth (Canada), however, gave him a run for his money so it was not all plain sailing, but Zink’s 360 has officially upped the ante for all forthcoming events.

I have mentioned only 3 of the incredible movers and shakers that took part in the Red Bull 3rd October Rampage, but there were many many more. The event was highlighted with heart-stopping drops, awe-inspiring tricks and bone crunching crashes. Great spectator stuff.

Tyler McCaul, a 2010 rookie was first out of the #1 gate, and set the pace for the others with a hard-charging style, burning through the upper ridge before dropping the triple, throwing a no-hander and airing over the step-up boulder. Asked in September what it was like to be a Redbull Rookie, he had this to say: “I have a lot of mixed feelings jumping into Red Bull Rampage this year as a first-time competitor – I’m scared, excited, and anxious all in one. Red Bull Rampage seems like the Mavericks of freeride mountain biking – big and gnarly with high consequences. I definitely think that it will exceed most people’s expectations!”

Will White, another Rookie, was equally stoked by being on the Rampage “To me, Red Bull Rampage is the first real freeride event that our sport had, and it’s responsible for most of the progression that has happened today. Even now, almost 10 years after the first Red Bull Rampage, it continues to be the proving grounds for freeriding. I’m definitely stoked and super nervous going into it! I just want to have a good time and ride as hard and as best I can.”

The October Utah event was a hard-riding affair. Andreu Lacondeguy, for example, switched his line from Qualifying to charge from the #2 gate to the Oakley Icon Sender, following it with a massive backflip over the 45-foot double just after it. He added another flip up the step-up and a no-hander into the bottom section of the course.

Darren Berrecloth finally brought the competition to a close in superb style earning himself a place on the podium.

Christian Pondella/Red Bull Photofiles

Zink not only pulled off the win and the best trick award at Red Bull Rampage, he also wrapped up the 2010 FMB overall title – not a bad weekend, and a great way to end one of his best seasons.

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