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Red Bull held an unusual competition at CairnGorm, Scotland

It’s passed, I’m afraid, this race (obviously!), but you will now be aware of it for next year if you hadn’t heard anything about it. It looks fun and well worth taking part in!

This is the very first time the Red Bull 50/50 race has been held. 100 competitors traveled from all around the UK to take the CairnGorm Mountain by storm on boards, skis and bikes as they raced for first place in the first extreme sports biathlon. This is a race for everyone – well everyone, that is, who enjoys both mountain biking and skiing or snowboarding.

The qualifiers kicked off at 10 a.m. with competitors  setting two timed runs on both the snow and dirt sections of the course. This score was then combined to give them their start time for the main race. This started with a series of 15 x 5-man heats from the top of the mountain range, leading to a 5km mixed terrain which separated the riders from the finish line. Riders faced many challenges with obstacles in the  form of moguls, berms and kickers but the main speed trap seemed to be the transition phase from skis/snowboard to mountain bike!

Bike and Snow Biathlon – Red Bull 50/50

It looks like a really fun competition. If you want more information, I suggest you go directly to the Red Bull site.

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