re-sized mountain boarding

Pushing the Mountain Board to extremes

It’s amazing what a plank with 4 wheels can do…

OK, so ‘a plank with 4 wheels’ is not a very fair description, although some people call it nothing more than an over-sized skateboard with BMX style wheels… equally uncomplimentary. Other people say it’s a cross between a snowboard and a mountain bike…

Whatever you like to compare it to, it is true to say that mountain boarding is guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush.

Mountain boarders themselves will know that this is truly an extreme sport that calls for bravery in bucket-fulls and there are obviously a lot of people out there with more than their fair share of bravery because, in England certainly, mountain boarding is the fastest growing extreme sport today. The beauty of it is that anyone can ride a mountain board – it’s never too late to try.

Check out a previous article of ours for mountain boarding and some great videos.

Both national and international mountain board events are being held throughout Europe and the United States this summer. You can check out the schedules at Mountain Board World’s site and for more events in America check out the US MBS site.

There is even a World Mountain Board Day now – 18th June, don’t forget!!

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  1. Death Race
    2011 | 14 June at 01:24 #

    Wow, great ! I rather go to England for the Mountain Boarding on 18th of June. They were so great, they held an international events for Mountain Boarding. Great, awesome. I like the videos, they were so cool.

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