Parkour, the art of free running, alive and well in Donny

Yes thats right – good old Donny, better known as Doncaster in South Yorkshire and probably better know still as the home of the St Leger Stakes, has embraced the extreme sport of parkour or free running. Do you remember Sebastien Foucan in the James Bond movie Casino Royale – enter Doncaster Council.

Parkour or “free running” classes are set to begin in Doncaster, after a huge increase in the number of young people risking their safety by running along rooftops or leaping over obstacles outside.

‘Extreme sports can be dangerous without the right supervision, so we decided to introduce a parkour community club in an indoor environment, teaching the young people to respect values and the way in which other Doncaster residents would perceive their behaviour’, said the project’s manager Mark Turner.

In the video below from   sauloca you can watch the afore mentioned Sebastien Foucan, accompanied by David Belle and Ciryl Raffaelli going through their paces in the urban environment.

Wow impressive stuff – but we can’t help but thinking that this extreme sport is one that probably should never come under authority, rules, organisation.

In our mind parkour is free running – free –  being the important word. It seems somewhat contrarian, even hypocritical, that should you be free running you – would ever/could never –  take instruction – that in our mind is the nature of the beast.

So Doncaster Council will try to tame the beast – nah – it will never work, or are they just teaching their kids how to escape from PC Plod.

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  1. LISA
    2013 | 21 June at 17:12 #

    Can you tell me where this club is held please? I have an 11 year old son who is interested in this sport. thankyou.

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