MTV going more extreme

MTV recently began airing a new Sunday night line-up. “Nitro Circus,” “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory,” and “Bully Beatdown” are three of the new shows. They focus heavily on extreme sports, which have been steadily becoming more popular throughout recent years.

Nitro Circus” is centered on freestyle motocross rider, Travis Pastrana, and a small group of other extreme athletes. Some of their stunts have included dirt bikes, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, tricycles, skydiving, base jumping, and even attempting a back flip with a monster truck.

Being professionals in extreme sports, the Nitro Circus gang is always taking their skills to a higher level. On a recent episode, Jim DeChamp lands the first front flip on a dirtbike. There is never a dull moment with the crew on “Nitro Circus.”

From what can be seen in the video below from mtvfanscape it is without doubt going to be an adrenaline fuelled show – wow – what are these guys on?……………and could they send some this way!

Rob Dyrdek created “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory,” after finishing “Rob & Big. He purchased a 25,000 square foot warehouse and turned it into a “Fantasy Factory.” The factory consists of an indoor skate park complete with a foam pit, basketball hoops and a lot of other extreme kit. There is also a recording studio Rob had made for his cousin Drama to work on his music production. Upstairs are offices for his corporate team who often join in the Fantasy Factory fun. Iit is always fun to see what Rob and his friends are planning next.

Here’s Rob explaining what his show is going to be all about and showing us around his ‘factory’ – gonna be a lot of fun – and thanks to EpicExtremeSports for the video.

Bully Beatdown” is a show hosted by Jason “Mayhem” Miller that focuses on Mixed Martial Arts. The premise of the show is that a victim of bullying can have their bully challenged to an MMA fight against a professional fighter. This is the classic, ‘pick on someone your own size’ scenario.

The bully is able to turn the offer down in which case he looks like a wimp or fight with the opportunity to win $10,000. Every fight consists of two 3-minutes rounds. In the first round the bully loses $1000 of $5000 every time he is tapped out. The second round is strictly kickboxing and the bully will win $5000 for just surviving the round. At the end of the fight, the victim wins whatever money the bully has lost.

And here is the video from mayhemmiller – whether you like it or not this is different and certainly very extreme.

This move into extreme sports by MTV certainly suggests that the ‘wave’ of popularity behind extreme sports is still building momentum – thats good news as far as we are concerned. Check out the action on a Sunday evening and tell us what you think.

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