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Mountain Biking for the ‘Young and Fearless’

If you are a very adventurous person, you have high levels of strength and endurance and you are brave enough to challenge difficult terrains and rocky mountainsides, then maybe Extreme Mountain Biking would be great for you. So what is extreme mountain biking? It is not just taking bike tours such as you see in biking magazines; there are a lot of things to consider with this sport, from mountain biking attire to the type of mountain bike tours to make.

Extreme mountain biking is a sport where people race their mountain bikes on rocky mountainsides and dirt terrains. Mountain bikes are very powerful bicycles. They have unique features that allow the cyclist to balance even on the most rocky, off-road terrains. A lot of mountain bikers participate in mountain biking races that include amateur cyclists who just join for the experience.

One of the most innovative and fresh multi-disciplined sports is mountain biking. For every specific category of extreme mountain biking, participants are forced to undergo lots of training. This is to monitor development in skills as well as retaining past techniques. Each category varies in terms of rules and regulations. This is why this sport requires a lot of practice, patience and discipline. Imagine riding and taking control of a bicycle that is on a bumpy and wild hiking trail.

Risks, stunts and courses that challenge the cycle and rider makes for a rare breed of athlete. Of course, being an excellent extreme mountain biker requires hard work to hone skills for years. Sometimes bikers can be unprepared by the unpredictable road surface and the obstacles in the challenge.

There are five specific categories in extreme mountain biking, all of which may be set over rough, steep and rocky trails or tracks. Sometimes, they can take place on very narrow trails in fields, forest or streambeds.

  1. Downhill mountain biking. This includes huge jumps that span up to 40 feet and drops down of 10 feet. The terrain is expected to be steep and rough. It is definitely one of the most unsafe and it requires a lot of physical work when compared to the other categories.
  2. Free riding. This is the most spontaneous of all. There is no need to restrict yourself to any particular style. A rider is given a choice to perform any combination or series of downhill courses, a few drops and jumps probably. Stunts are more important than skills in this category.
  3. Cross country. This is the most common category. It is probably the most popular too. It includes a bike trail of around 30 miles in a loop or in terrain full of jumps and descents. It is great for amateurs, especially if a rider is planning to move to more dangerous types.
  4. Dirt jumping. The events for this category are just about showcasing the boldest and scariest, most insane stunt or trick where you can see bikers playing in the air.
  5. Street riding. This can be done anywhere. It commonly includes grinding ledges and obstacle riding. Rotations on flat ground are also common.

For any rider who wants to get involved and excel in extreme mountain biking, great training is essential. It is very important that you decide on which category you you want to try and then gear up for it, so that you can play safely. We will over the next few weeks examine in more detail the mountain biking categories in an effort to inspire you for the year ahead.

This compilation of the various forms of mountain biking has been put together by watanidiot from material provided by Vario. You can see why mountain biking has such an appeal to the young and fearless.

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