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Mountain biking at its best

As moutain bike videos go, they don’t get much better than this…

We’ve talked about Squamish before, but only in the context of rock climbing, however the mountain biking available in this region is extensive and suitable for riders of all levels. Mountain Bike Magazine rates Squamish as “ one of the top 25 wildest and most exotic places to ride in the world”.

With more than 200kms of single track, the region has something for everyone, from gentle cruises in the estuary and friendly cross country trails to hairball downhill descents… The Powersmart trail, for example, is listed as one of the top 10 single track trails that are a MUST ride at least once in your lifetime.

There are three main areas of trails: The Valleycliffe and Crumpit Woods trails, which are single track, stream bed, rock face and and woodland trails; the Mamquam Forest Service Roads which are active logging roads that deliver amazing views of the Mamquam Glacier and harbour some of the gnarliest downhill and freerides around including 19th Hole, featured in the Annual Peanut’s Wild Ride (GK Ripper); and the Garibaldi Highlands Trails (where the JABR race will be held towards the end of this month) which connects to Alice Lake, consisting of the abandoned original Squamish rail track and a wide path for an easy ride. On the Highlands trail network you can find some nice wooshy downhills and a lot of inner technical stuff, the most popular being Entrails. Thank you to mysquamish for the abbreviated trail information.

And then there’s the Sea to Sky Trail which is still under construction, but a large portion is already ready to ride on. This non-motorized, multi-use trail connects the Pacific Ocean at Squamish with the mountain tops of D’Arcy – 180 kms inland, and is optimised for mountain bikes. When completed this trail will be completely motor free, but for the moment, where no trail yet exists, the default route is along the highway or local roads – please be aware of this.

Right this minute there is an aggressive cougar in the area so several of the trails have been closed temporarily – effective immediately are Jack’s Trail, Mike’s Loop, Credit Line, Entrails, Mark My Word, Value Added and Wonderland. If you’re heading to Squamish you had better check what’s open and what’s not. You might also be interested in the iPhone “rescue app” that sends a caller’s exact location to friends and family at the touch of a screen!!! With a trail called ‘Entrails’ and a pissed-off cougar on the rampage, one’s imagination tends to get a little lurid!

Aggressive cougars are a rarity, not the norm, and, after all, you are invading their territory so you can understand if they get a little miffed from time to time. Always treat the wilderness with respect… and never ever leave any trace of your passing behind you.

On 20th August Squamish will host the JABR – Just Another Bike Race. Don’t be fooled by the name! This is the last of the Hell Of A Series events (and also part of the Test of Metal Events Inc) – a series that promises to “beat you up and spit ya out!” It is a 67-kilometre course with over 1,200 m of climbing and 35 km of single-track. The challenging course will take the fastest rider just over 2 hours, the average competitor 3-4 hours and the humans 5-6 hours.

JABR part of the Hell Of a Series and Test of Metal MB races in Squamish, Canada

JABR/Test of Metal MB race in Squamish

And to end here’s a long but worthwhile video of the type of mountain biking you can expect in the Squamish region:

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