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Mountain Bike jumping skills

In the YouTube video above you have some great coaching on ‘how to’ jump whilst out on your mountain bike. It is very much a case of getting your balance right and you do this by the correct positioning of your arms legs and body as you approach the jump, as you are making the jump and as you are landing. Watch Chris Duncan of explain the process, then watch it again and again so you don’t miss any of the finer points – like his safety tips, his checking out the jump prior to launch and of course his instruction concerning body part positioning as you execute the jump. Thanks ikrtolica for the video.

So now you know how to jump on your mountain bike? Yeah – but to get to the degree of expertise of the dudes in the video below (thanks colley1991) you will have to practice for hours and hours and then days, weeks and years – and thats not all – for extreme jumps likes the ones shown here you also have to be probably a little bit more than just plain crazy – enjoy!


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