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More about Kite Buggying

canadiantourism are great at keeping in touch with us especially when we have blogged on something that they have an interest in – and the extreme sport of kite buggying falls neatly into this catagory; the beaches of Nova Scotia being particularly suitable…

Kite buggying is a sport for all ages. Kids as young as 8 have tried their hand at this thrills and spills sport – and become hooked. It’s a new sport that combines the best of everything… a combination of sand and wind, huge open spaces, fresh air and skill. A challenge to your senses, your reflexes, your muscles and your pilotage.

And if you want to test your skills against others you might consider entering the unusual contest at Berck sur Mer in Nord-Pas de Calais, France in May 2009.

If you’re into extreme sports, then this is the place for you – a high-class, high thrills Kite Buggying Race. Only the hardiest and most skillful riders attempt this contest.

The reputation of the Berck’s five hours of kite buggying is one of extreme endurance and incredible spectacle.

fivefivesixonline gives you a very good idea of what kite buggy races are all about…

In September 2009 Berck sur Mer has a 6 hour kite buggy race.

It has been hard to find out more information on these contests – Please, if anyone knows, would you let us know too? Thanks.

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