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March is packed full of Adventure Races

Starting on Thursday, 10th March, the Kinetic Double Moon Adventure gets underway in the Gauteng Province, South Africa.

Kinetic Double Moon Adventure Race in Gauteng province, South Africa

This 4-day event will include MTB, trail run, paddle and ropework. The race will cover 250 km’s with the distances broken down into 9 legs: kayaking 22km, cycling 186km, trekking 42km, abseiling 45m. It is expected that top teams should finish in 20 – 30 hours, back teams in 45 – 55 hours.

The rules are simple: the teams can decide if, when and where they will take a rest. The first team to complete all the race legs visiting all control points, will be declared the winner. However, the teams are required to complete the entire race distance together (always within hearing and visual distance of each other), helping and assisting each other.

As one finishes, another begins. This one is in Morocco. The Transmarocaine begins on the 12th and finishes on the 20th March. This is the sixth time this race has been held and this time round it’s going to be a completely new route which will go between Ouarzazate and Marrakech, crossing the Atlas, from south to north, a total distance of 250 km done in 5 steps. Only 50 teams of 2 have been invited, 10 of which are Moroccan. The disciplines included will be kayaking on Lake Ouarzazate, mountain bike trails on the Atlas and a challenging trail around M’Goun mountain whose summit is over 4,000 m. Orientation is part of the challenge and this time it will be in unusual places… The entire course will be in and amongst beautiful scenery – an added bonus.

Transmarocaine Adventure Race, from Ouarzazate to Marrakesh, Morocco

The Transmarocaine: Ouarzazate to Marrakesh

That’s North Africa, but if you’re still in South Africa recovering from the rigours of the Kinetic Double Moon event, perhaps you are also there for the The Quest, which starts on the 19th and finishes on the  21st in the Western Cape. This is a solo race though which is unusual on the adventure racing circuit. Normally adventure racing is a team event and part of the challenge is to get the team to work together as a unit. This helps enormously when the going gets tough – but in The Quest, for the non-stop 500 kms event, you’re on your own. Only 40 participants are accepted to this unique event. It takes place over 3 days and each day will have at least 3 disciplines which could be any of of the following: Trail Running/Walking, Mountain Trek/Run, Ropework, Navigation, Mountain Biking, River Kayak, Swimming. There will be a cut-off time which, if you are in the PRO catagory, you must achieve if you want to be in the running for a prize at the end of the event. There will also be a dark phase. The only stipulation for this race is that, to secure an entry, competitors are required to raise funds in support of the Wilderness Adventure Education Trust.

We cross to New Zealand for the next event – The Goldrush Multi-Sport Event which begins on the 19th and finishes on the 21st March. Goldrush is a 375km event, set in the back country of Central Otago following the old trails which criss cross the hills and which were opened up by the pioneers in their search for gold. This is one of New Zealand’s iconic events. It includes kayaking, mountain biking, running and road biking in. The Goldrush has an almost cult following. The rugged rocky landscape, with the majestic Clutha River winding its way through the quiet valleys is the backdrop for this much loved event. First held in 1997, this fun, friendly, affordable race which has a great atmosphere, attracts a loyal following. Goldrushers return year after year. It is extremely well organised and is characterised by the high quality of marshals, timekeepers and the many helpers who make the athletes’ and support crews’ jobs easy.

The Goldrush Multi-Sport event on south Island, New Zealand

Goldrush Multi-Sport Event

March goes out in a blaze of glory and courage (I’m sure!) with the Siberian Black Ice Race – the ultimate winter ultra event. It begins on the 21st March and ends on the 5th April. We might be heading rapidly towards Spring, but in Siberia, the Russian Federation, it will still be extremely cold and icy. This will be the first multi discipline race along the frozen length of Lake Baikal, Siberia. Racer categories will include x country skiing, mountain biking, kite skiing, skating and running or any combination of the above. Competitors need to be self sufficient on the ice at temperatures down to -50. There are 2 races: a 155 mile sprint and a 379 mile marathon. This is a race for extreme endurance athletes only and no more than 25 teams will be accepted. The event is being organised by Extreme World Races and it is the first multi-discipline race to be held in Siberia – one of the world’s most beautiful and harshest wildernesses. Entry is free and EWR will provide full race support with arctic trucks and checkpoints. However, teams are to provide their own transport to the race and their own equipment.

Siberian Black Ice Race on Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russian Federation

Siberian Black Ice Race on Lake Baikal

There are others, adventure races I mean, during March … the above are some of the one’s that fit our extreme sport criteria. Good luck to all who are taking part.

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