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A truly incredible journey. An extreme adventure… 4 men decided to challenge the world record for the longest kite buggy journey ever, a UK record which stood at 1,000 kms, by tackling the western edge of the Sahara Desert from Morocco to Senegal – a total distance of 2,500kms.

“It was a lot harder than I thought – very difficult,  very demanding,” said Steve Gurney even though they had taken due cogniscence of the 6 P’s – “prior planning prevents piss-poor performance”!

Adventurer Stever Gurney speaks to Close Up (Source: Close Up)

The reason for this mad adventure? To raise money for the charity SheHome Cambodia who are endeavouring to stop child trafficking and prostitution in Asia. MadWaySouth are hoping to raise awareness of this problem. A worthy cause…

And they succeeded, or very nearly…

To refresh your memory a little, watch this video from maxmarks40.

They eventually had to call it a day about 180kms from Dakar as they had run out of time. For 4 days before they called it a day the skies had opened and rain had continuously poured down, completely changing the terrain they were buggying through and slowing their progress down enormously.

However, their total journey was about 2,160kms (still to be confirmed by GPS) thereby smashing the previous world record.

The two World Records that they achieved are:

  1. The first crossing documented of the Sahara Desert by wind power alone.
  2. The longest Kite Buggy journey on land ever – 2,160 km achieved in 26 days.

They have successfully raised about $40,000 Ausi dollars for SheHome Cambodia and are already planning their next venture – The Simpson Desert in Australia in 2010???

To conclude, Geoff Wilson had this to say about their awesome journey : “To the wonderful people of Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania and Senegal – we thank you for allowing us access to your beautiful desert places, for putting up with the noise of our intrusion and for being so honest, gracious and helpful.

To the police of Senegal we curse you with the fleas of a 1000 camels and ask for early hemorrhoids and rashes beyond comprehension to be your affliction as you pillage your population going forward.

Needless to say, they were robbed blind at the Senegalese border – bribery and corruption abounded and they had to part with more than $3,000 to get through!

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