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MadWaySouth and MadWayDown

I’ve been keeping you updated about MadWaySouth’s attempt to break the world record for the longest kite buggy journey ever – the record stands at 1,000km, but 2 Aussies and 2 Kiwis are undertaking a 2,500km race across the Sahara and from Morocco to Senegal in an attempt to blast the old record out of this hemisphere…

It took them 6 and a half days to get to Agadir – an epic journey in itself, only to find, at Agadir, that the terrain was totally unsuitable to buggying! Not deterred, they moved the start line to Guelmim and set off a day late from  there. A fitting departure venue as the name means “Gateway (or Door) to the Sahara”.

With great excitement and fanfare, the buggies raced off at speeds of 50kms and very quickly, despite the difficult terrain (broken scrub and ravines), reached the beach 30kms away… the Kiwis leading.

At the beach they joined forces for the steep 400ft rise to the plateau above and set off on a marathon overnight run that ended at a huge ravine and river crossing. After a short sleep in the sand, they forded the river, floating on the buggies,  and were once more more amongst punishing shrubs and sand dunes.

112kms later saw them reunited with their support crew and settling down to a well-earned rest with the knowledge that the following day they would at last be in true sand dune territory and would be hoping to cover 200kms…

The following video from Mad Way Down, taken a month before the race, will give you some idea of what it’s all about, and how much fun being an adventurer is!

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