Looking for a quick fix this weekend?

How’s about finding the closest zipline for a quick dose of adrenaline… below are videos of several that claim to be the longest in the world, others that are the fastest and some that are not quite ziplines.

Sun City, South Africa (cdmar33):

Strait Point, Alsaka:

Dragon’s Breath Zipline, Labadee, Haiti (FlaggerBoy):

Pena Aventura Parque, Portugal (davidfs):

Or how about one where you get off along the way? Causey Reservoir, Utah, USA (piano4life18):

Adrenaline Quarry Zipwire, Cornwall (nikgolding):

The Canopy Tour, Costa Rica (Bardida):

Or merely a Tarzan Canopy Swing in Costa Rica (ryanjclark2008):

So why not?!

Enough for one weekend I think. Can anyone tell me which is the best one in the States – in your opinion?

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