Listen up everyone – entries open tomorrow for the Mongol Rally 2011

WEDNESDAY: 1st September – entries open for THE MONGOL RALLY 2011 at 2p.m. British time.

10,000 miles in a tiny car all on behalf of charity

If you have read our articles on this mad and crazy and very extreme adventure, and if you have followed the links through to The Adventurists even madder, crazier and more extreme website – you will know that this is an escapade that you DO NOT want to miss.

But places sell out terrifyingly fast… don’t hesitate. Go to The Adventurists SIGN-UP now… or click on the above picture.

And then of course you get to tell your grandchildren about the time you were held at gun point by a member of the Russian maffia, got away by offering him a water melon, ended up best friends and married his daughter, their grandmother.

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