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It’s easy to make an excuse not to do something your life would be incomplete without; can’t get the time, haven’t got the money, the cat is about to have kittens, you’re a bit scared. So to give you a nudge in the right direction we at Adventurist Towers are going to give you a massive discount on three of our favourite adventures. Between now and June 25th we’re giving you the chance to adventure for a lot less.

Ice Run £350 off£350 off the 2014 Ice Run
£2,150 (was £2,500)
Minus 40 in Siberia isn’t everyone’s cup of Lapsang Souchong, but to die-hard Adventurists this is Adventuring folly at its finest. If you’ve not heard of the Ice Run, or if you want to be reminded of why you should be one of those brave fools on the ice next February check out our brief guide video. If you’re the sort of educated chap/chapess who likes a bit more information before thrusting themselves headlong into this sort of endeavour we’ve also got one of these More Info sections, or if you prefer you can sign up here.

£250 off the Mototaqxi Junket£250 off the 2014 Mototaxi Junket

£1,045 (was £1,295)
Few could conceive a vehicle more shit than a Mototaxi, which is what makes it the perfect vehicle for some of the toughest roads in the world. Throw in a fairly hefty range of mountains and a ruddy great jungle and you’ve got one hell of an adventure. We’re sure you’ve seen this brief guide video before, but it’s always worth another crack isn’t it? If ever you wanted more reasons to do the Junket the More Info section has an abundance of just that. or if you want to just go for it you can sign up here.

£250 off the Rickshaw Run£250 off the April & September ’14 Rickshaw Runs

£1,145 (was £1,395)
Since 2006 we’ve been sending Adventurists to India to get lost, stuck and broken down, and now The Rickshaw Run operates like a well oiled, 2-stroke, 3-wheeled machine. 2 weeks of adventuring bliss. Now seems like a good time to dust down the brief guide video, to remind yourself of what you’d be missing. To find out what a Rickshaw Run entails why not look at the More Info pages, or just sign up April or sign up September.

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