re-sized kitewing on snow again

Kite Wing – a new extreme sport

In our never ending search to keep you guys entertained and interested we have found something new and its called ‘Kitewing’. Not surprisingly the sport would appear to have been started by those crazy Finns – masters of just about all things extreme. What is it with you Finns?

And the cool thing about kitewings is that there are endless medias to do it – on the snow with skis or a board, on the sand with a skate board, on the ice with skates, on the grass or roads with roller blades. Impressive stuff as you will see in the video below – thank you nfinland for the video.

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2 Responses to “Kite Wing – a new extreme sport”

  1. Rob Campbell
    2013 | 8 September at 01:10 #

    Is there a Canadian kitewing event? a league? where are the races? what is the best ‘track’ time? What is the record?


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