kite buggys and landsailing continually breaking records

Ivanpah Dry Lake in Nevada has, since 1994, been a haven for kite buggiers, skaters and landboarders who  gather on the dry lake bed and do their damnedest to break records!

The conditions are perfect. On March 26, 2009, the world land speed record for a wind-powered vehicle was set here by the Greenbird, clocked at 126.1 mph (202.9 km/h).

The Ecotricity Greenbird (greenbirdproject) is a land yacht that is described as being “a very high performance sailboat”. It uses a rigid vertical wing, instead of the conventional sail, to generate thrust, in the same manner that the wing of an aeroplane generates lift. The only metal in the vehicle is in the wheels and the wing bearings; the remainder is made of carbon composite materials.

This little lady is seriously high tech, but this year another record has been broken and this time by a Peter Lynn kite buggy.

A week of kite-powered buggying and racing began at the beginning of April. The event was known as the Spring Break Buggy Blast (SBBB) and introduced formulated kite traction races to the American desert.

More then 150 registered participants were looking forward to a week of riding, racing, partying and most of all, having loads of fun with like minded people. Peter Lynn Products hosted the Friday night-after buggy party which, since they had something to celebrate, was a humdinger…

PLP were well represented with an international team of riders: Adrian Lavelle (UK), Alison Summersfield (UK), Arjen (AKA faster Arie) van der Tol (NL), Jeroen (AKA Ozzy) Potters (NL), Ricardo (Little Asian guy) Lui (Can) and their very own local freestyle guru Brian Holgate (NZ), and there was great hopes for his new specially designed speed buggy…

Steve Gurney, of MadWaySouth fame, tries out the specially designed buggy. However, it was’nt this one that broke the record.

On the first day of the week long trials, Arie van der Tol got out of bed early, and, in ferocious winds, smashed his own record of 124 km/h set the previous year with a staggering 133.4 km/h (82.9 mph). Most people were still in bed or thinking of their breakfast, but fortunately the event was witnessed by a small group of people including Peter Lynn himself and 4 GPS tracking devices. Arie was flying a 2.7 m2 Peter Lynn Vapor. Credit also goes to Michel Dekker, the designer of the Vapor… the fastest kite on earth.

Arjen van der Tol: 133.4 kmh = 82.9 mph

184 years ago, George Pocock invented the kite buggy.  Twenty years ago, Peter Lynn took it to the next level and is now considered the father of the modern Kite Buggy.  The development of the kite buggy has been almost exponential in recent years. The sport is now known as Kite Traction.

Craig Hansen and Steve Gurney, both MadWaySouth vererans, did a presentation about the Sahara Challenge and there were loads of buggy movies. Arie’s 133 km/h record run was shown with a cool beat backing it up which made the crowd go wild.

Hats off to everyone.

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