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Killed by a Capuchino

We have written about the famous bull running in Pamplona, Spain in the past which celebrates the festival of San Fermin and was made famous by Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises.

It is an extreme sport in the sense that if you get ‘it’ wrong the consequences can be fatal. The annual festival which took place earlier this month sees a mob of about a dozen bulls and steers released from a holding pen which then run through the towns cobbled streets to the bull ring.

Chased and chasing people inevitably get in the way of the frightened bulls and although tragedies are few and far between for one young man, Daniel Jimeno Romero, a 27 year old who lives near Madrid, it was a day when a Capuchino killed him.

Take a look at what happened in this video from itnnews

For the name of the bull was Capuchino – who with one fateful swipe of his horns caught Daniel in the neck and despite being rushed to hospital doctors were unable to save him. It is the first death at the Pamplona bull run in 15 years.

Perhaps the next time your olfacory nerves are aroused by the sweet scent of a Capuchino you will think twice.

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