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Kayaking in deepest darkest Africa – the far north of Zambia

Kayaking in Zambia? Well of course there’s the Zambezi and many an intrepid soul has challenged those swift waters filled as they are with natural hazards such as bounteous quantities of hippo and crocodiles. More of those probably than rapids, but it’s all part of the challenge, isn’t it? I am of course talking lower down the river. Up under the Falls (Victoria) the rapids are world class as we all know…

However, other rivers? I was ignorant of the fact that there were so many magnificent rivers in the far north of the country and with equally magnificent rapids.

Red Bull of course got wind of this and sponsored a team to go out there to take a closer look.

The team consisted of world-renowned kayaker Steve Fisher, New Zealands Ben Brown, local Zambian and expedition leader James Hitchens, photographer Des Pickers and Australian Dan Campbell.

This was not only a kayaking adventure but also one of transport. Zambia is 752,614 square km. (290,586 square miles). Just a little bigger than Texas, but the roads don’t compare! They are mainly bad, and sometimes almost non-existent.  Which is why the team went through 3 vehicles!

Ah well. Going up into the far north of Zambia was bound to be an adventure – almost pioneering, and they were in the mood to treat it as one.

Awesome rivers, aren’t they… awesome location too. Great videos.

feature photo courtesy of  jc.sackett

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