Jordan Romero – the youngest person to attempt Everest

We have talked many times about the 7 Summits, but never before have we mentioned the extraordinary achievement to date of the 13-year old climbing wonder: Jordan Romero. 6 Peaks under his belt and attempting Everest as we speak…

Jordan Romero

Californian Romero plans to try to climb Mount Everest in a quest to reach the summit of the highest peak on all seven continents. If he succeeds, he’ll also become the youngest person to conquer the world’s highest mountain… the present record is held by 15-year old Nepalize,  Temba Tsheri on 22nd May, 2001. Some reports say he was 16 years old, in fact The Guardian UK is even more precise, 16 years 17 days. However the Mount Everest History and Facts site says 15…

Ming Kipa Sherpa, 15, is the youngest girl to reach the top of Mount Everest, after slogging up the last stage of the 8,848-metre peak  with her 30-year-old sister Lhapka Sherpa. Lhapka herself set a record on this climb becoming the only woman to have summited Everest 3 times.

Remarkable achievements, but we are here this morning to talk about Jordan Romero.

He summited Africa’s Kilimanjaro on July 22, 2006; Australia’s Kosciuszko in April, 2007; Europe/Russia’s  Elbrus on July 11, 2007 and South America’s Aconcagua on December 30, 2007. Followed by North America’s Denali on June 18, 2008 and most recently Oceana’s Carstensz Pyramid on September 1, 2009. (rootscalifa)

Now all that’s left is the mighty Everest… this will be his first attempt at a peak over 8,000m. “This will be a big leap, but we have been training for the altitude,” he said.  “We’ve trained our minds for the difficulties and emotions that the mountain will give to us.  We’ve trained our bodies for the physical challenges that the mountain will share.”

They hope to summit in May having spent several weeks acclimatising to the altitude at Base Camp, settling in, and falling into a routine of climbing up the face establishing their camps for the final push and completing their acclimatization process. It’ll be a few weeks before the first legitimate summit attempt is made. But Jordan is unphased. He has said he would not take any unnecessary risks and would turn around if they encounter problems like bad weather. He said he has read about past disasters on the mountain that have claimed many lives and has learned lessons from them.

“This may be the first of many attempts, he said. “It could take a couple of years, but I am determined to do it. If I don’t reach the summit this time, I will try next time.”

If he is successful on the mountain, he’ll not only become the youngest ever to reach the summit, but also the youngest person to complete the Seven Summits as well.

On 10th April he was in Kathmandu, Nepal preparing for their departure to China from where they will travel to the base camp on the Chinese side of the 29,035-foot (8,850-metre) mountain – this route has been chosen mainly because the Chinese do not put an age limit on climbers. On the Nepal side the age limit is 16.

His father, Paul Romero, and stepmother, Karen Lundgren, both adventure racers and mountaineers, have accompanied him in the past every step of the way and will be by his side for this attempt.


Jordan was inspired to climb mountains by a painting in his school hallway of the seven continents’ highest summits. “I just wanted to do something big,” he said, “and this was something I wanted to do for myself. It was all about the experience and I just happen to be 13 at this time.”

I don’t think the story is going to end there because, as we all know, the title ‘7 Summits’ is under dispute – there is another, an 8th summit, and no doubt this elusive peak will be conquered by Jordan in the near future…


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