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It’s an upside down perspective in Moscow as BREAKDANCE comes to town

16 dancers from 10 nations will compete for the coveted Red Bull world champion title at the BC ONE 2011 in the arena of the Old Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow.

History records that it was the American singer and songwriter, James Brown who can be credited with the beginnings of breakdancing.  He danced vigorously throughout his performances, working popular dance steps into his routine, along with dramatic leaps, splits and slides. It was in 1969 when he performed his hit “Get on the Good Foot” on stage, that he combined the dance steps of the Hustle with his own high energy interpretation. The almost acrobatic result found its way onto the streets of New York City and evolved into the breakdance that we know today. Initially it was called The Good Foot. this subsequently morphed into B-Boy and then Breakdancing.

It is amazing to think that this form of dancing was actually a gang thing on the streets of cities. Instead of fighting, gangs would do battle with ‘dance’ for their turf. This wasn’t a final solution to gang fighting, but it was certainly a better alternative. Because the street kids had nothing better to do they would spend hours perfecting their dancing, inventing new routines, developing more and more complex moves, improving their form, and increasing their speed.

And so we come to the breakdancing we know today which involves not only the old-style Floor Rock but includes headspins, backspins, handglides and windmills.

And then Red Bull stepped in. The event has been held in a different city and country every year since 2004. Last year it was in Tokyo:

The Red Bull B-One Week Moscow 2011 officially began yesterday. The main event is a knock-out tournament between the 16 B-boys who have been chosen for their exceptional skills in the dance and for their good character. They compete in one-on-one battles decided by a panel of five judges. The line-up for the 8th edition of the knock-out style B-Boy competition is made up of 5 B-Boys who won the qualifiers in Brazil, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey and the USA, 10 B-Boys who were chosen by an international team of experts, and last year’s champion,Neguin from Brazil!

It promises to be a spectacular affair. Good luck to you all.

feature photo courtesy of  em-si

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