Is Danny MacAskill the greatest?

We have blogged about the extraordinary biking skills of Danny MacAskill previously and wanted to show you what he has been up to recently. But first a little history on this gifted and dedicated individual.

MacAskill  grew up in Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye and started riding a bike from a very early age – probably not unlike most of us but the difference was that MacAskill never stopped riding. In his own words , ‘My motivation to ride has always been having fun’ .

What more needs to be said – if you are going to get very good at what you are doing we suggest that you should enjoy  your chosen sport because if you are to be the best you will definitely have to spend a lot of time doing it.

Below is one of MacAskill’s  video’s, produced by brainchildfilms

MacAskill now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland and rides bikes of various descriptions all the time.

‘The main bike I ride for street/trials is my Inspired bike, but I have a few other bikes for different kinds of riding too. I also ride a bit of natural trails on a 26″ bike, it’s hard but a lot of fun. Also, I really enjoy Mountain Bike cross country/freeride as well, I definitely get the same buzz riding my big full suspension down hills as I do riding my trials bike! It’s a lot faster so you get a lot more adrenalin!!’

We think its great to see what MacAskill gets up to with his wizardry on 2 wheels and it is also great to see someone who has got to the top making himself a decent living which we hope will be an inspiration to all you wannabees. MacAskill is now hired by major companies such as Volkswagen to star in their commercials as can be see in the video below from  ItsGlandular.

Well done Danny Macaskill.

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2 Responses to “Is Danny MacAskill the greatest?”

  1. Sergio
    2012 | 11 May at 15:46 #

    excelente pilotagem Danny Macaskill, Sergio São Paulo- Brasil

    • gavin
      2012 | 11 May at 19:38 #

      I agree, Danny Macaskill is one of our favourite’s to watch

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