Is BMX now the most exciting and extreme form of biking

Last week we wrote about mountain biking and the varieties of mountain biking that have developed – including downhill, freeride, trial/street and finally XC. Undoubtedly extreme but our question today is whether BMX eclipses the freeride and trial/street riding of mountain bikes as the most extreme form of the sport.

We will let you decide for yourselves but there is no doubt about it – BMX has become very extreme.

The development of BMX bikes came from kids on the west coast in the 1970s wanting to emulate what their older brothers were doing on their motor cross bikes when they only had a Sting Ray to use. The sport blossomed and its development is best described in the video below from RiChArDOsZ

Times have moved on and the old Sting Ray has been replaced by purpose built BMX bikes.  In 2008, for the first time, there was BMX bike racing at the Olympic games held in Beijing, China.

Schwinn Stingray

Schwinn Stingray

What a BMX will look like today – they can cost up to $300.

Inevitably BMX has spawned various niche disciplines – street, flatland, trails, park and vert. We shall look at the various disciplines in more detail another time. For the moment we would like you to look at the video below from GuysHorsingAround which shows Jamie Bestwick winning the BMX Vert Championship in 2008 and is a superb demonstration of how extreme BMX vert can be.
Let us know which form of biking you think is the most extreme.

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