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How to ride a waveboard

Following on from yesterday’s story of the adaptation of the waveboard to enable use on the ice with the blizice blades we thought it would be useful to talk a little more about how to ride a waveboard.

We have found two good videos on YouTube which talk about the sport, how to get started and what can be done on these boards.

This first video is from sweptawaytv and discusses the basic techniques of getting started on the waveboard. This blend of snowboarding, skating and surfing is claimed to have origins from the martial arts. That may be right – certainly symmetry and balance are required; your vision must be toward the horizon, your feet placed symmetrically on the board, your movement of shoulders, torso and hip to create the propulsion required to move the board.

No doubt about it this street surfing is cool and for less than $100 you can get started, further it is great exercise.


The second video is from awesomescreename and is a good, solid guide on how to start on the board, how to get propulsion, how to turn, and how to stop – most important! Finally one or two tricks are demonstarted.


As ever with these extreme sports mishaps do occur so you are advised to wear appropriate protective appendages!


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