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Has Sarah Outen been able to leave Choshi Marina

It must be the most frustrating thing in the world to be ready, poised, and pshyched up for departure to have yet another delay, but the winds were blowing so strongly into the Marina yesterday that she was not able to make any progress and had to turn back.

Never daunted, she launched again a few hours later and the last tweet reports “great progress in the last 24 hours and (she) has covered 30 miles thanks to the Kuroshio current. Seasickness has been pretty bad but is now easing so all is well.”

Sarah Outen’s new state-of-the-art rowing boat – Happy Socks


Next stop Canada?

That is quite a daunting thought.

Having kayaked across the Channel from the UK to France, she has already cycled across Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and a little bit of Russia and across the Straits to Japan. This will be the last half of her London 2 London via The World challenge. All that’s remaining is a row across the North Pacific (setting a world record), a cycle across Canada and the final rowing challenge – the Atlantic ocean.

This route has never been taken before. The journey, half completed, will see her cycle, row and kayak more than 20,000 miles in total. As she travels the world, she will be breaking records, raising money for charity and sharing her adventures with young and old alike. The whole challenge? See below for what’s already accomplished, what still has to be done, and some incidentals along the way:

  • 2 solo ocean rows, 7,500 nautical miles
  • 3 continents, 14 countries by bike,
  • 300 nautical miles by kayak
  • 6 – 8,000 calories a day
  • 850 days away
  • Up to 11 months at sea alone
  • A few world records
  • One little tent
  • 40 punctures so far
  • 2 new wheels, 10 new tyres and ten new tubes so far
  • 2 pairs of shoes to date
  • Longest cycle so far in one go: 267km through the night on Sakhalin
  • Longest kayak in one go: 38 nautical miles in 12 hours between Sakhalin and Japan
  • Worst roads: Kazakhstan and Russia
  • Best wildlife spot: Brown bear on the beach in Russia
  • A few bouts of food poisoning
  • 3 marriage proposals
  • Thousands of children inspired

1 hour ago she tweeted: “Gorgeous peachy sunset to end day 2.Tucked up in my cabin now.Half asleep awake-listening for ships.Still waiting4 my sealegs!”

You can follow her on her site: London 2 London via the World

We wish you a safe and wonderful crossing Sarah!

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