re-sized Sarah Outen in Japan

Happily cycling the length of Japan – Sarah Outen completes a half circle of the world

“My shoulders felt like cement, my legs had gone to sleep and my hands were stiff and soggy,” said Sarah Outen, but after nearly 12 hours of paddling she had safely beached Nelson at Cape Soya on the north coast of Japan to be met by friendly locals and  Mr Sato from Wakkanai Town Hall who welcomed them with a banner and flowers.

Sarah Outen arrives safely in Japan

Sarah will now have a leisurely cycle through Japan down to the southern-most edge before taking a well earned break.

Having traversed half the world in just over 6 months, she intends to begin her challenge for the next half from Choshi, Japan in the Spring of 2012. Her vehicle will be Gulliver – a 21-ft rowing boat, and her first challenge will be the Pacific. If you imagine that she is going to hole up for a good 6-month rest I think you might be wrong. A short rest maybe, but she will have to maintain her level of fitness for the Pacific crossing, which will then be followed by a quick cycle across North America, and end with an Atlantic crossing in the worthy Gulliver…

Gulliver, Sarah Outen's ocean going rowing boat

A last quick video:

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