Get your adventure film across to the Adventurists – NOW!

As I write, people in some of the oddest parts of the world are in the middle of one of the Adventurists extremely odd and always highly entertaining adventures.

Some, like Blazing Chillies are enjoying the party in San Jeronimo as the Mototaxi Junket from Asuncion, Paraguay to San Jeronimo, Peru draws to a close, apart from one poor mototaxi which is still valiently battling its way to the finish line. Whilst across a few continents and oceans of water, others are beetling across India in their rickshaws having started in the desert town of Jaiselmer in Rajasthan and heading for the coastal town of Cochin in Kerala.

Or at least they should be… there is a team, Team Fight for your Right to Chapati, who seem to have their very own agenda as the following communication testifies: “Sat harbourside having a cocktail watching the casino boats in the marina … gonna move down the coast tomorrow to a remote beach and try find somewhere to surf and maybe see an elephant.”

Hmmm, I think the party in Cochin is going to be the next stop on their agenda!

The South American adventure was fraught with difficulties – but not insurmountable; everyone seemed to ‘make a plan’ whether that meant desertion of a faithful vehicle, to cadging over-crowded lifts, or even, in one spectacular circumstance, one under-powered mototaxi towing another.

Over in India contestants are battling “unimaginably cratered roads” as they move their way south.  Team Fight for your Right to Chapati might be sipping cocktails but team Live and Let Chai wrote “Bad day. Rickshaw died in a village. Locals not v helpful, just laughed. Pushed it down mountain 2 town 20km away.”

Team Chai on Life were a little more fortunate. They broke down right infront of a toll booth and the kind chap working in the booth got permission from his boss to help fix their rickshaw right there and then, and then drive it to the mechanics for them. That was a good moment!

Anyway, that’s not what I’m meant to be writing about today. What I DO want to tell you about is that the Adventurists Film Festival is drawing nigh and it is high time you got your entries in.

It is open to all those who have partaken in and filmed themselves on an Adventurists event, be it the Mongol Rally, Rickshaw Run, Africa Rally, Mototaxi Junket, Ruta del Sol, or Mongol Derby. It doesn’t matter if your film was made in 2007 or 2011, as long as it was on one of their esteemed adventures.

These films can be in any format: animation, super 8, black and white, silent… but there must be a story and can only be 5 – 20 minutes long – they are not expecting a solemn documentary… Cost of entry: £0 | ENTER HERE

There is also the ‘3 Minute Wonder’ catagory…  Three minutes exactly. Not 3.10, or 2.58, but 3.00 exactly. Cost of entry: £0 | ENTER HERE

There is a third catagory. The one where you do not have to have done one of the Adventurists adventures but have had your own outrageous share of pickles and problems. To enter this category the adventure can be about anything and be anywhere between 5-20 minutes long – as long as its not too serious! Cost of entry: £0 | ENTER HERE

It’s over to you, but stop thinking about it. Do it now. Entries close on 28th February. Ok, so you have a little time – but a cocktail or two too many will whittle it away.

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