Freestyle Scootering, child’s play? Not anymore!

The latest addition to the Devinsupertramp video archive of awesome (have you seen their trike drifting? If insane and epic had a baby, that video is the love child) showcases the developments that have come of age in freestyle scootering. For many people, including me, scootering happened about 10 years when micro scooters (the all metal and really expensive ones) were all the rage. However as far as tricks go, if you took one foot off the scooter you were considered bad-ass, and no-one had even thought about hitting a jump (let alone a half pipe!).

But then again we weren’t that crazy. These guys, on the other hand, are…

Starting off with a fairly huge 360 drop off a massive set of stairs, tricks normally considered big on a skateboard or BMX are just hit out of the park. With every flip under the sun being ticked off from some form of uber-checklist, including doubles, these lads aren’t messing around. It isn’t limited to the vertical axis either, with scooters being whipped round faster than a cake mixer and spins that make you dizzy just watching (I think there’s a 1440 in there somewhere, but it was kind of a blur), there is some seriously trickery to showcase that freestyle scootering can compete in the world of xtreme sports and there is still a fair way to go in developing the trick bag. I certainly didn’t imagine doing that on a scooter when I was a kid…

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