Forthcoming Adventurists’ events… not to be missed!

They’ve got plenty going on apart from letting us know that sign-up is about to happen for the Winter 2011 Mototaxi Junket starting on 1st January – and god forbid you’ve got a hangover as the thought of tackling thousands of miles of mountains, jungles and deserts on a sofabike that doesn’t turn corners or even go in a straight line very well is enough to give you a mega headache without the added benefit of suffering from over-indulgence!

It’ll cost you £895 entry fee on some form of plastic to grab your team’s place.

Make sure you get to the bottom of this article to see a long but good video (GGsTravels) on what sort of  an adventure the Mototaxi Junket is…

In the meantime The Adventurists Christmas Party is looming and it’s an event not to be missed.

For the last few years they have been putting on rollockingly good parties the world over: from Jules Verne inspired raves in Czech castles to bacchanalian blow-outs in Bristol warehouses and feasts in Indian palaces. Their annual Christmas carousings have been the pinnacle of this partying, with over five hundred people each year flocking to join the revelry from all over the world.

The date is 10th December.

The venue – London.

For more details go directly to their Christmas Party Steampunk Shindig page.

As with all Adventurists’ events, it you want a place it’s advisable to act quickly.

And in your haste, don’t forget to sign up for the Mototaxi Junket if you’re intending to do that too!

There’s also their Film Festival on Saturday, 9th April 2011. Submit your own 3-minute adventure film and get the crowd on the edge of their seats! There will also be top speakers, workshops, exhibitors, fellow adventurists to banter with and the perfect venue to hold the whole show in – the Royal Geographical Society, London SW7.

Full day ticket – £15 – Book here

Adventurists team discount ticket – £10 – Book here

What’s an Adventurists Team?

The Adventurists boast a gaggle of splendidly ridiculous adventures including the Mototaxi Junket, the Rickshaw Run, Mongol Derby and others. If you are indulging in, or basking in the glory of any of their adventures, you are entitled to the discounted full day ticket.

And here’s the promised video…

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