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Fancy taking part in the next Mototaxi Junket?

Bookmark Friday, 26th February, 2 p.m. British time if you are considering taking part in the next great Mototaxi Junket in Peru – courtesy of your kind hosts, The Adventurists…

The Adventurists

I always have to repeat at least some of their inimitable words as their author has such a fine turn of phrase that how could you NOT want to take part in at least one of their crazy extreme adventures… the following comment is a report on the 2009 event.

“Bones were broken, a mototaxi plumetted off a cliff into a river (without its drivers), adventurists founder Mr. Tom was run over by his team mate, £65,000 was raised for charity by the teams and to the disbelief of pretty much everyone it was nobly demonstrated that taking rubbish mototaxis across massive mountains, into sweaty jungles and across barren deserty plains really is a splendid idea.”

The Mototaxi Junket is a 3,000 km (or maybe 4,000) adventure starting in Cuzco, Peru on the 1st August 2010 and ending in Asuncion, Paraguay around two-weeks later.

The mototaxi itself is a cross between a moped and a sofa, but as The Adventurists warn: it “handles more like a sofa than a moped.”

Thank you to Team Causitas Perdidas who competed in last year’s events for these great photographs.

The race is enough to challenge the hardiest souls, let alone a poor little mototaxi, as another participator in last year’s event said: “It’s hilarious.I can only describe it as rallybiking on lawnmowers.”

However, the terrain is rugged. It’s mountainous. It’s desert. It’s jungle. It’s rainforest. And one of the roads is the most dangerous road in the world – a thousand metre abyss a few inches from your wheels! 

And as for the weather you can expect – matching the diversity of the extreme terrain, you will experience everything from freezing cold high altitude passes to sweaty rainforests – a stiff test for man and his hugely under-powered machine.

As one competitor said:  “We’ve been over countless passes over the last few days each one colder than the last and each one followed by a scorching valley complete with cactus, heat ripples and awesome views.”

There is no set route and no back up of any kind…

It will certainly be an adventure.

Every team taking part has to raise at least £1,000 which will go towards  a charity that The Adventurists’ support. last year the money they raised  provided free re-constructive surgery to children suffering from facial deformities such as Clefts. Over 75% of cleft cases in the developing world go untreated, however they can be treated in as little as 45 minutes at a cost of only £150.  You can find out more about these on their website:

Facts, stats and things that happened last time:

  • A junketeer continued adventuring with a broken collarbone caused by ’smashing into a cliff’ and only reported into casualty on his return to Northern Ireland.
  • One vehicle plummeted off the edge of a cliff and disappeared into a river (the occupants just about stayed on the road)
  • The founder of the Junket Tom was run over by his team mate
  • The vehicle supplier cancelled the mototaxi order just before the launch so replacements were rafted in from the jungle along the Amazon and other corners of Peru (several days late)
  • One team member dressed as a lifesize pink rabbit for every encounter with police or border authorities and didn’t end up in jail
  • A mototaxi was stolen in Cuzco but recovered by the police 24 hours later
  • One team drove off a cliff and were only saved from rather dangerous freefall by some well placed vegetation and scrub
  • £65,000 was raised for the official charities
  • 62 teams left from the start point in Huancayo, in the Peruvian Andes
  • 8 teams made it to the finish line in Asuncion

If you are wanting to do something unusual next year, then this might well be the thing for you…

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