Fancy doing the Rickshaw Run? SIGN UP TODAY

The Autumn 2011 Rickshaw Run sign up is TODAY.

This event sells out almost instantly. The above video, a trailer for the 2006 Run, gives you a short taste of an adventure to beat all adventures.  If you want to be part of it be online at:


2.00 pm LONDON TIME and be ready to click the SIGN UP BUTTON…

If you’re not there poised with finger on the button you will probably not get a place. Be warned.

The race has a beginning and an end roughly 5000km apart but all the mess that goes on in the middle is entirely up to you. The Himalayas, dirt tracks, tropical jungle, monsoons, massive deserts and many other wondrous things await.

The Rickshaw Run

If you’re set on the Rickshaw Run and don’t trust your luck in getting a place, The Adventurists are holding back a sneaky five places for the good folks who are signed up to The Adventurists’ facebook page in a cunning ploy to bolster the digital fight to make the world less boring.

All you need to do is be a liker, and post a comment on the Rickshaw Run picture featured above saying why you rather fancy a spot of adventuring across India in a glorified lawn-mower, and five commentees will be randomly selected and will automatically be spared the despair of the Rickshaw Run waiting list.

Don’t just sit there…. ACT NOW! There are no second chances.

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