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Extreme Ways of Conquering Everest: Helicopter, Shanks Pony, Skis

Have you seen this? Not quite an extreme sport when going in by air, but an extreme endeavour and an extreme helicopter perhaps.

On 14th May 2005 history was made when, at 07h08 (local time), a serial Ecureuil/AStar AS 350 B3 piloted by the Eurocopter X-test pilot Didier Delsalle; landed at 8,850m (29,035ft) on the top of Mount Everest. This achievement breaks the record for the highest altitude landing and take-off ever. It was done as a kind of publicity stunt by Eurocopter, the maker of the helicopter, but it has huge implications for future ascents of the highest peaks.

Stepping out of his helicopter; Didier Delsalle commented “To reach this mythical summit definitively seemed to be a dream, despite the obvious difficulties of the target to be reached; the aircraft demonstrated its capability to cope with the situation…. sublimated by the magic of the place.”

Thanks to bajarunner for the video.

This is the other, hitherto and still more normal way to do it, shanks pony, thanks to rahulrathan for this video of an immensely satisfying achievement:

And finally, and remembering that this is an extreme sport site, here’s a video of the ultimate extreme adventurer, the Japanese alpinist, Yuichiro Miura, attempting to ski down Everest. It’s not only the ski-ing that’s an achievement… bear in mind he had to carry his skies up initially to be able to ski down! Thanks to YummyDVD for the video:

However, since Yuichiro Miura made the attempt, Everest has been successfully skied by Slovenian climber Davo Karnicar It took Karnicar four days to reach the summit of 29,035-foot Mount Everest, but only five hours to come down – on skis.

With a camera on his helmet and without ever taking off his skis, the 38-year-old ski instructor made it from the summit to the base camp at 17,500 feet on Oct. 7, 2000, becoming the first person to complete the whole trip in one run.

Karnicar put his skis on at the summit, 29,028 feet above sea level, before heading for the base camp, more than two miles below. The 38-year-old Slovenian skier made three stops on his way down: one to fix the camera on his helmet, one to meet other members of the climbing expedition and one before skiing down the Icefall – a journey under ice blocks that can unexpectedly break and fall at any time.

“I want to celebrate and feel the success for the rest of my life. This is just great,” Karnicar told The Associated Press on Monday after returning from the mountain.

Thanks to bvirc for putting this video on youtube.


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