re-sized indoor skate park

Extreme sports park being built near Madison Heights

Here is some great news for extreme sports enthuiasts living near Madison Heights and thanks to Elizabeth A. Katz of the Daily for bringinging this to our attention.

Kids and adults alike will have extreme skating options thanks to George Leichtweis, owner of the Modern Skate and Surf shops.

Leichtweis plans to open Modern Skate Park at 1500 N. Stephenson, south of 12 Mile Road, by the end of September, revamping a pre-existing building to host extreme sports activities.

“This location is an 80,000-square-foot, world-class indoor skate park,” he said. “Restaurants and retail will eventually be added. It’s going to be a family kind of entertainment activity center.”

Leichtweis, who opened his first Modern Skate and Surf in Royal Oak in 1979, said he expects to have retail and restaurant offerings by the holidays.

The skate park portion is being outfitted with ramps, bowls and rails similar to facilities that host extreme sports competitions, such as the X Games.

In addition to the retail store in Royal Oak, which sells skateboards, in-line skates, snowboards and apparel, Leichtweis owns an indoor skate park at the Centerpointe Mall in Grand Rapids. He also previously operated skate parks in Ferndale and Novi. Leichtweis said he found the perfect space in Madison Heights. He has so much space, in fact, that he said he’ll be able to sublease 25 offices.

“The building is a little bit better,” he said.

The opening of the skate park will generate about 30 new jobs.

“There’s a dense population here that is looking for something for kids to do to keep them active,” he said. “If you keep kids busy, there’s less chance for them to be in trouble.”

Leichtweis added that he’d like the facility to serve as a training facility for athletes who skateboard. Skateboarding will be included as an Olympic sport in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

“I’ve seen (the sports) grow in popularity,” he said. “These kids that do these kinds of sports are athletes.”

Additionally, Modern Skate Park will host national extreme sports events and competitions and will bring in big name professionals.

“There will be a lot of great entertainment for people,” he said.

Linda Williams, economic development coordinator for Madison Heights, said Modern Skate Park only expands what the city can offer in terms of recreational opportunities.

“It definitely complements what we have,” she said. “We’re a city that is big on wellness. We have a lot of recreational opportunities. That’s definitely something we’re very proud of.”

For more information about Modern Skate Park, visit

For your entertainment I have included a cool video of skate boarding from 69yngwie69 – for which thanks – and this comes from Finland – what can I say? – extremely crazy guys!


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